Tradition and Innovation in Sculpture
Conference-debate on an interesting comparison between two cultural and economic realities that have many differences but also many features in common, at the Grand Ducal Stables of Seravezza.

Cibart Conference
Meeting between associations, institutions and citizens for Cibart 2017 programming.
SeravezzaHualien Sculpture Exchange Conference
Chauvet Caves Conference - France

Milan Conference

Creativity and Robotics
In-depth conference on the relationship between creativity and robotics in the creation of contemporary marble sculptures. Event organized by the Foundation in collaboration with CNA Lucca and the Order of Architects of Lucca.

Aperitif with the artist
Conference in the cloister of Sant'Agostino di Pietrasanta, where Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux present their works and the activities of the foundation with videos and photographs.

Present continuously
Conference and presentation to the public of the activities carried out and the future objectives of the Foundation

Art and Industry Conference
Knowledge and development of contact points between industrial and artistic activities in the Apuan-Versilian area. The same theme was addressed during a conference held in Hualien during the symposium.


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